About me

I’m an Android software developer and dad from Serbia. I’m currently working full-time on an AOSP project but in my spare time, I make Android applications and libraries. I published a couple of those, but more on that later. I like to write code in Kotlin, but Java was the first language I learned and the project that I work on is completely in Java, so there is no getting away from it. I know a bit of NodeJS, but just enough to make Restful API for my other projects. Also, I published two beautiful kids but it seems that their AI is developing itself a lot faster than I develop Android apps.

If you have some questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to reply as fast as possible.

Also, you can find me at:

My projects


This is a small, free, lightweight Android library that is adding a splash screen to any application. I got the idea for it when I couldn’t find a similar library with the functionality and customization option that I needed. All you have to do is to implement it and give it some images, text or video.

If you have some ideas about what should I add or change, or maybe you have some issues with this library, please let me know. I will be happy to hear your feedback.


This is a small Android application that a couple of my friend was bugging me to make for them. It’s an application that you enter your passwords into and it will store it in a safe(ish) way. Basically, it is a simple list of credentials. There is a feature to lock the application with a password and data is encrypted by default. The app can’t suggest your password in other applications (eg. Chrome) but as a positive thing, it doesn’t use the internet for anything. All is stored locally and only locally. Did I say that data is encrypted?


This is an Android library that is adding bottom dialog (like on iOS) to your application. It pops up from the bottom to display a couple of buttons and disappears. You can set how many buttons (but not unlimited), the title of the dialog and a few other options. In return, you will get a listener for each button.