About me


I started learning to code a lot of years back. I don’t even remember when it was. My first contact was HTML and then CSS. After that, I tried learning PHP, which was big at that time, but it didn’t go well. Actually, it stopped me from learning to code for a while.

Then I started learning Java (the OOP part). After some time and a few personal projects, I tried Android development (using Java of course) and I liked it. Then Kotlin was published as the new greatest thing. Of course, I had to learn it. It is currently my main language. I still use Java on my day job, but all my personal projects are 100% written in Kotlin.


I’m currently working at Mera Software Service as an Android developer for 2 years now. I’m working on the AOSP project. Before this, I worked on the SIP application. Both projects are for external customer so I can’t share any information. I mainly worked on maintaining projects, but along the way, I implemented some new features. I am consulted for projects and issues that I don’t directly work on. I try to maintain good relations with the customer and represent the company I work for in the best light.

Also, I freelanced for a domestic company also as an Android developer. The application is called BalkanDejt (now renamed BalkanDejt Premium) and can be found on Google Play. I worked from the start of the application until its release. I’m not sure how much I can share regarding this project, so it’s better not to share at all. It was a fun project and I hope I will work with them again.

I have some projects of my own. I published the SplashScreenHelper and the BottomDialog Android libraries. Both libraries I made because I needed something like that and couldn’t find the one that satisfies all requirements. I also published the Andoird application. It is a simple app for saving credentials locally and all data is encrypted. It’s called PassKeeper.

Aside from that, I know a bit of NodeJS because I needed Restful API for my applications. I worked with Firebase, Retrofit, MongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite,…


In regards to learning, the next thing to learn is Jetpack Compose. I started learning it but I’m still not comfortable enough to say I know it.

I plan on continuing to develop and maintain current libraries and applications, but also to publish new ones. I think it is the best way to learn and improve.

I’m also planning to give iOS development a go. Im not sure if I will try really hard, but I’m definitely interested.