This is a small Android application that a couple of my friend was bugging me to make for them.

It’s an application that you enter your passwords into and it will encrypt and store it locally. Basically, it is a simple list of credentials. There is a feature to lock the application with biometrics or password and all data is encrypted by default. The app can’t suggest your password in other applications (eg. Chrome) but as a positive thing, it doesn’t use the internet for anything. All is stored locally and only locally. Did I say that data is encrypted?

You have the option to back up and restore the whole database. Also, you can delete the whole database. Since all data is encrypted, there is an encryption password. You can see it in settings. I suggest you change it since it is the same for all the users. You can enable automatic backup. It will export the whole database into a single file in the location you choose. You can transfer this file to another device and use the restore option to transfer all data to another device. Just remember you have to set the same encryption password so your data can be decrypted.

If you have some suggestions, I would like to hear them.