This is a lightweight, easy-to-use android library that will help you add a splash screen to your app. In a few easy steps, you can add your logo and some text and animate it. Or perhaps you want to add a video. SplashScreenHelper can do that also.


It’s an application that you enter your passwords into and it will store it in a safe(ish) way. Basically, it is a simple list of credentials. There is a feature to lock the application with a password and data is encrypted by default. The app can’t suggest your password in other applications (eg. Chrome) but as a positive thing, it doesn’t use the internet for anything. All is stored locally and only locally.


BottomDialog is an Android library that shows a slide-up animation dialog from the bottom of the screen. Something like on iOS. It is intended to be used for dialogs with yes/no/cancel answers. It is customizable so you can style it as you like.

It is still in development but I’m actively working on it.